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Parties and parties for families, companies and groups, indoors or outdoors

Whether you are organizing a party for your employees or staff association, for the neighborhood or your family, Aparthotel Delden has many possibilities for a fun day, indoors or outdoors.

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Our outdoor activities

  • FatMax Cruser WhatsApp experience
  • Supa Golf
  • Golfclinic - even in the dark!
  • Footgolf
  • Bubble football
  • Solex tour
  • Six camps and sports days
  • Bi-bike tour
  • Mountain bike clinics
  • Six camps and sports days

And also

  • Our party buffets, tasty and cozy

Fat Max E-cruisers WhatsApp experience

Supa Golf

SupaGolf is accessible to everyone from 5 years old. Without golf lessons the game can be played effortlessly.

SupaGolf - golf activity for children and adults arrangement with barbecue

Supa Golf is a game that can be played by everyone, golf experience is not necessary. Supa Golf has everything from "real" golf and is a unique golf experience full of excitement and fun! No mini or mini golf - you play full holes up to 100 meters.
It is ideal as a family activity, neighborhood party, for a bachelor party, as a teambuilding, for children's parties or other group outings.

Price per person from € 11,00

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Golf clinic

A pleasant introduction to golf for your company, family or friends.

You will get to know the various strokes in golf in a relaxed manner. The Golf Clinic lasts for 2 hours and at the end you will receive a registered golf certificate.

Price per person from € 19,50

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Golf clinic at the Lage Mors golf course in Delden - Twente

Golf in the Dark

Golf in the dark is truly a unique evening out in Twente.

Golf in the dark - a fun company party, staff party or family party

Even in the winter and in the evenings, golf in the dark is a fun activity for your bachelor party, company party or family trip. You will be welcomed with chocolate milk and currant cream. Then you play 9 holes on the SupaGolf course where we serve a warm snack.

Price per person from € 39,50

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Footgolf in Twente

Let your feet do the job - Footgolf - New in Aparthotel Delden

The newest activity at Aparthotel Delden is Footgolf. Footgolf is played on the Supa Golf Course and is very suitable for bachelor parties, trips for sports groups and other sporting companies.

Price per person from € 10,00

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Footgolf - Aparthotel Delden - Hof van Twente

Bubble football

Prominent and original activity for young and old.

Bubble football

Go into battle with each other during a game of bubble football. Wrapped in a big plastic bubble, you try to score with your opponents. The collisions and rolling over the ground create hilarious moments and smiling faces.

Bubble is very suitable for children's parties, outings for sports groups, team outings and other companies.

Price per person from € 18,75 p.p.

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Solex tour

With the nose in the wind. Cozy 2 hours of touring the Twente avenues and paths with a real old-fashioned Solex.

Delicious on the Solex with the nose in the wind enjoying the beautiful scenery and in the meantime attract a lot of attention! To conclude a delicious buffet where you can have a nice chat about the trip.
Price per person from € 47,50

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Soles tour - company party, staff party or family celebration in Delden - Twente

Mountain bike experience

In a sporting way together with friends or colleagues on the paths, into the avenues. Guided by an experienced instructor.

Mountainbike clinic - ATB MTB

Would you also like to get acquainted with this fun sport? There is a beautiful mountain bike route on the Twickel estate. The experience lasts ± 2.5 which you conclude with an extensive buffet.

Price from € 55,00 p.p.

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Cycling on the high Bi is back again. A beautiful route cycling on the high Bi is the complete. You will have a lot of attention, just count on that!

You will explore the beautiful surroundings of Delden for 2 hours on a Hi-Bike. On return we serve you a delicious dinner or buffet.

  • Reception with coffee and currants
  • 2 hours on the Bi bike or Hi-Bike with a nice route
  • 3-course dinner or buffet (depending on the number of people)

Price with buffet € 42,50 p.p. Min. 20 people
Price with dinner € 49,50 p.p. Min. 10 people / Max. 25 people

Bi-bike group outing company party family celebration

Six camps and sports days

Aparthotel Delden is particularly suitable for six camps and sports days. Aparthotel Delden works together with a number of organizations, which means that almost all activities that you can think of are possible.

Six camps, sports days and outdoor events

The football fields and driving range outside make almost all activities possible. The combination with our driving range and golf proffesional offers additional opportunities

We are happy to make a tailor-made program.

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