Indoor padel courts

Aparthotel Delden has 3 beautiful indoor Padel courts!

Indoor padel in Aparthotel Delden - Twente

Padel is a mix between squah and tennis and is played in a special cage. The walls are part of the game. The game is played with 4 people and is suitable for all levels. Whether you are young or old, everyone can practice this sport.

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Enjoy a weekend away with your sporty family and friends and play padel on our brand new courts! How nice is that! Of course you can also use our swimming pool, sauna, bowling alleys and golf course De Lage Mors. That makes your weekend complete.

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Swimming pool

The swimming pool of Aparthotel Delden is 6x18 meters and has a depth of 140 cm's. The average water temperature is 30 °C. Admittance for hotelguests is free

Daily openend from 07.00 - 21.00





Swimming pool hotel Aparthotel Delden

Outdoor pool

The charm of the outdoors and the luxury of warmth. Enjoy the outdoor swimming pool.

Slide at the outdoor pool

Right next to Aparthotel Delden is the great outdoor pool "De Mors". A fantastic outdoor swimming pool with large green lawns. Open from 1 May to early September. Hotel guests can obtain an access token for free.

The charm of the outside and the luxury of heat


Fitness & Personal Training

Studio PT offers Personal Training for anyone who wants to achieve his or her fitness goal. Relaxation and exercise are the key words for a healthy lifestyle. The facilities within Studio PT offer this possibility.

Out personal Training Studio "Studio PT Delden" offers more than a regular fitness. Personal training requires the knowledge and skills to compase a training plan, fitted to your wishes and hysical condition. It combines a a small, personal scale with high-quality personal training training, on your own or in small groups.

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Fitness & Personal Training

Football pitches

Aparthotel Delden is a unique top-sport location. Two self-maintained pitches of excellent quality are located adjacent to the hotel rooms.No transport required.

Footbaal pitches - trainingcamp Aparthotel Delden

The hotel has two self-maintained training pitches of an excelent quality. Besides this, the the local footbaal club next to the hotel has an artificial pitch that often can be used for training.

In the hotel all ingredients are present for a high quality trainingcamp. Apart from the football facilities  one can train in the swimming pool, the fitness studio and if necesarry the indoor tennis courts. Additionally all kind of recreational facilities can be used, suchg as golf, indoor tennis, bowling etc.The sauna-centre is an oasis by itself.

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