Sauna Vital

Sauna Vital, ideal for those who want to relax for a day in a cozy homely atmosphere.
In 2020 we offer opening days where a bath suit is requierd!

Sauna & Wellness Holidays

The facilities are numerous in this small "spa". Guests at Sauna Vital feel immediately at home here. Sociability, relaxation and personal attention are the most important features of this unique sauna center.

Sauna Vital is the sauna center of Aparthotel Delden and is an asset to Twente. Sauna Vital offers a complete package of sauna facilities. This sauna is accessible to both hotel guests in combination with an overnight stay and for a shorter visit.

For those who prefer non-nude sauna we have special swimware-days!

Sauna facilities

Sauna Vital offers a complete sauna-experience. This small wellness centre is richly equipped. Sauna on a small scale with personal attention!

Sauna Vital offers the following sauna facilities:

  • Relax-area
  • Infrared sauna
  • Traditional Finish sauna
  • Terrace
  • Steamy sauna
  • Cold bath's
  • Whirlpool
  • Hottub
Relax-area, Infrared sauna, Traditional Finish sauna, Terrace, Steamy sauna, Cold bath's, Whirlpool, Hottub, swimming pool

Pampering Day Delden

The ideal day out with friends. Enjoy the relaxed and cozy atmosphere that Sauna & Wellness Vital offers you.

Hamam Wellness Vital

Pampering Day Delden

  •      Reception with coffee / tea and some goodies
  •      Guided tour in Sauna & Wellness Vital
  •      Bathrobe, towels and slippers
  •      Enjoy the facilities of Sauna Vital
  •      Hammam Thermal Baths (70 minutes)
  •      Delicious lunch salad "Delden"

Prijs € 99,00 per person

Description of the package:

Wellness Special Oriental Relax

Is immersed in Oriental atmospheres at Sauna & Wellness Vital.

Wellness Special - Oriental Relax

  •      Reception with coffee / tea and some goodies
  •      Guided tour in Sauna & Wellness Vital
  •      Bathrobe, towels and slippers
  •      Enjoy the facilities of Sauna Vital
  •      Hamam Vitaal (40 minutes)
  •      Rasul
  •      Delicious lunch salad "Delden"

Special offer price € 90,00 per person

Description of the package:

Rasul Wellness Vital

Sauna day-packages

Relxation and personal attention are the main characterisitcs of Sauna & Wellness Vital.

Sauna day-packages, sauna-package.

Combine your sauna-vsit with lunch, diner, solarium and e healthy drink? Being pampered with Hamam and a lunch?

Check our sauna day-packages

Opening hours

Sauna Vital is opened at the following hours



Opening hours Sauna Vital from the 1st of September 2020

Opening hours

  • Monday open from 5 pm. - 9 pm.
  • Tuesday - Friday open from 12 am. - 9 pm.
  • Every Thursday from 12 am- 5 pm only with swimshort for men and swim suit of bikini for ladies.
    Every last Thursday of the month it is swimsuit day from 12 am till 9 pm.
  • Saturday open from 12 pm. - 9 pm.
  • Sunday open from 12 pm. - 6 pm.

Different opening hours apply on the following holidays:

Opening hours Sauna Vital - Delden, Hof van Twente

Swimwear-days in Sauna Vital

For those who prefer non-nude sauna we have special swimwear-days!

Swimwear-days on Thursday's
Thursday Swimwear-afternoon:
Thursday is swimwear-afternoon in Sauna Vital. We are opened for guests wearing bathing-clothing till 17.00.
Swimtrunks or -shorts, bikini or bathing suit complies
Every last Thursday  of the month we have a full swimwear-day.
The dates are:

Sauna admittance fee's

  • 1-day ticket  sauna € 16,50
  • Late night 19 pm. - 21 pm.   € 7,50 (not on sunday)
  • 10-visit ticket € 125,00
  • Sauna 3-months subscribsion
    2020: 4 months: - 1st of September tillt the 31st of December 2020 € 295,00
  • Sauna annual card
    € 699,00

Towles, slippers and bath-robes are for rent.

Admittance fee Sauna Vital


The following house-rules are applied in Sauna Vital

Sauna-Houserules Sauna Vital Delden - Hof van twente
  • No bathing suites are allowed in Sauna Vital with the exception of swimwear-days when bathing clothingis compulsory,
  • In the relax-area bathrobe is compulsory
  • During the day, till 20.00 bathing suit is compulsory in the swimming pool
  • After 20.00, no bating suites allowed in the swimming pool with the exception of swimwear-days,
  • We reserve the right to refuse admittance to groups or individuals