Sauna & Wellness Vital

Enjoy the spa or unwind in the sauna.

Spa and sauna centre in hotel Aparthotel Delden

Sauna Vital and wellness Vital can be enjoined seperately or combined- it's yours to decide.

Wellness Vital

Wellness Vital is a complete wellness centre containing Hamam, Rasul and several salons. All masages and treatments are by appointment.

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Sauna Vital

Sauna Vital gives you the opportunity to unwind in a cosy atmosphere.

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Sauna Vital

The sauna-comples of Aparthotel Delden gives you the opportunity to relax in a cosy atmosphere.

The facilities are numerous in this small "spa". Guests at Sauna Vital feel immediately at home here. Sociability, relaxation and personal attention are the most important features of this unique sauna center.

All Sauna facilities

Spa, sauna and wellness centre in wellnesshotel Aparthotel Delden


The authentic oriental purification ritual. O combination of scrubbing an massage with olive-soap This traditional ritual is over 800 years old and is a sensation for bodu and soul.

Hamam in Spa, sauna and wellness centre in wellnesshotel Aparthotel Delden

The hammam is an authentic Oriental cleansing ritual, a delicious combination of a scrub and a massage with olive soap.

The treatment starts with a scrub ritual. This is done with a Kese, a silk scrub glove. All dead skin cells are removed and the skin opens for a deep cleansing. The body is covered with a large cloud of soap foam by means of a cotton bag filled with soap and air, followed by a gentle soap massage. The light stroking movements bring about a deep relaxation and improved blood circulation. During and after the treatment, the body is rinsed with warm water. After the hamam treatment you will feel completely relaxed.

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Experience the thousand-and-one night fairytale.

In the original rasoul an oriental bathing ritual can be experienced. Mosaic-tiled chairs under a star-lit canopy.

Every visitor gets a cup with a skin-packing of its choice. One covers their skin and the warmth and steam in the rasoul assures this minerals are fully absorbed by the skin.

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Rasul in Wellness Vital


Being pampered with massages, steam-baths en cosmetic treats. Far away from your every-day worries. You'll be surrounded with personal care and attention.

Beauty at wellenss Vital - Delden, Hof van twente

Wellness Vital werkt met gerenommeerde merken en ervaren specialisten op het gebied van massage en schoonheidsbehandelingen. De schoonheidsspecialistes doen er alles aan om u met een heerlijk gevoel naar huis te laten gaan. Tussen de behandelingen door kunt u lekker ontspannen in onze loungeruimte. Via onze loungeruimte kunt u naar de tuin waar u heerlijk buiten kunt genieten van alle rust.


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What could be more fun than to introduce your children to wellness at a young age and in a playful way. That is why there is now Kids Wellness!

Unique in Twente; at Wellness Vital, your children can also go for a wellness treatment.

The treatments are intended for children from 6 years to 12 years. They can come alone or stay with two, mum and / or dad. You can of course also combine a treatment of the children with a treatment or arrangement for yourself or with the whole family. For example, you can enjoy a relaxing massage or hammam treatment together with your child. You will see that your child will be completely relaxed afterwards.

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