Sauna Vital and Aquila Wellness & Spa

Enjoy the spa or unwind in the sauna.

Spa and sauna centre in hotel Aparthotel Delden

Sauna Vital and wellness Vital can be enjoined seperately or combined- it's yours to decide.

Aquila Wellness & Spa 

Aquila Wellness & Spa is only available on the phone. + (0) 316 46979782


Sauna Vital

Sauna Vital gives you the opportunity to unwind in a cosy atmosphere.

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Sauna Vital

The sauna-comples of Aparthotel Delden gives you the opportunity to relax in a cosy atmosphere.

The facilities are numerous in this small "spa". Guests at Sauna Vital feel immediately at home here. Sociability, relaxation and personal attention are the most important features of this unique sauna center.

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Spa, sauna and wellness centre in wellnesshotel Aparthotel Delden